10kg Simpson Top Loader Washing Machine

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Snaffle says…

For the demanding household you need a big washing machine and if you favour a top loading variety, then Simpson’s no-nonsense 10kg option offers its usual ease of use and range of features to suit your requirements.

Simpson says…

10kg EZI Set top load washing machine with ActiveBoost detergent pre-mixing technology, 4 Energy Star rating, Inverter motor, Time Adjust function, everyday fast wash programs and durable glass lid with soft closing.

The Best Bits

  • Your clothes will enjoy a dedicated clean with 11 programs and an additional four wash options so that bedding, delicate clothing, and wool are all well cared for

  • With ActiveBoost, water and detergent are premixed in a separate chamber before being sprayed onto clothes so there's less detergent residue on your clothes, even when using a cold wash cycle
  • Open the top opening lid mid-wash if you suddenly discover a lone sock you dropped on the way to do the laundry
  • There's plenty of room for a 5 person household with a 10kg capacity that can easily fit 10 entire outfits or a large king-sized doona

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