12kg LG Front Load Washing Machine

Snaffle says…

The 12kg LG Front Load Washing Machine features Allergy Care and Steam Cycles. Simply add steam to selected cycles to assist in the removal of up to 99.99% of common household allergens.

LG says…

A TurboClean 360 wash can wash half a load of lightly soiled clothes in 39 minutes, where four pressurised water jets speed up the wash and rinse phases. For Cotton and Mixed Fabric cycles, this washers clever Al Direct Drive technology assesses the weight and fabric softness of the load and auto-activates the best wash motions for a thorough clean and care of fabrics.

The Best Bits

  • With 4 water jets operated during the wash and rinse, this machine can wash a half load in only 39 minutes.

  • With a press of a button, add steam to selected cycles to open up fibres and assist in reduction of common household allergens.
  • Less moving parts, less vibration & more durability than conventional LG belt and pulley motors.

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