9KG LG Top Load Washing Machine

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Snaffle says…

Equipped with LG’s TurboDrum, you can enjoy outstanding washing results without an agitator, which can tangle your load—or damage textiles over time. Multiple water outlets helps to thoroughly mix water and detergent, helping to minimise residue.

LG says…

You can select from seven washing programs and let the smart inverter technology deliver a low-vibration wash without compromising on washing performance. With greater control over the speed and direction of the motor, this design ensures durability and stability.

The Best Bits

  • The TurboDrum mechanism rotates the drum in one direction, while the pulsator directs water in the opposite direction.

  • Positioning the control panel at the front of the unit makes it easier to load and set your washing.
  • With a main pulsator and three mini pulsators, the inverter control motor moves the water in the tub to replicate hand-washing motions.

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