Bosch Serie 8 8kg Front Load Washing Machine

Snaffle says…

The Bosch Serie 8 8kg Front Load Washing Machine has flexible features to suit your busy lifestyle. A feat of efficiency and engineering, this German-made washing machine from Bosch boasts a 5-star water rating and 4-star energy rating, helping you maintain a more environmentally friendly and economical household.

Bosch says…

Forget to add a garment? No worries, the handy Reload function lets you include that stray sock or forgotten shirt. You can plan your busy schedule with the convenient time delay functions or you can activate the VarioPerfect functions like EcoPerfect and SpeedPerfect to make cycles quicker or more energy-efficient. Once your laundry is ready to go, the automatic load sensors measure the precise amount of water needed for the load, helping to reduce water and electricity costs.

The Best Bits

  • This washing machine is equipped with a Bosch EcoSilence Drive to ensure longevity, efficiency, and quiet operation. Additionally, the AntiVibration side walls keeps the unit stable and reduces vibration for a quieter spin cycle.

  • In a busy household not everything makes the wash in time. The reload function allows you to open the door during certain stages of the cycle to add or remove items.
  • The VarioPerfect function optimises the wash program to your laundry habits and requirements. Whether you need a super quick wash or an energy-efficient cycle, there’s an option to take care of your ever-changing needs.
  • The VarioDrum in this Bosch washing machine is precisely engineered to evenly distribute water for faster washing and improved performance. The innovative wave-droplet design ensures your garments are washed carefully and efficiently.

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