Samsung 8.5kg QuickDrive Front Load Washing Machine

Snaffle says…

Embrace a smarter approach to your laundry routine with the Samsung 8.5kg Front Load Washer, featuring intelligent AI technology. AI Wash uses four separate sensor types to detect the weight of your laundry inside the drum, calculating the optimum amount of detergent and water to utilise.

Samsung says…

Internal AI control even personalises your washing by remembering your laundry habits and suggesting suitable cycles. For a more comprehensive clean, the powerful Hygiene Steam cycle releases steam from the bottom of the drum, removing up to 99.9% of common allergens and bacteria. And if you’re in a hurry, the SuperSpeed cycle can provide a thorough wash in just 39 minutes.

The Best Bits

  • Over the course of the wash, a turbidity sensor notes the level of soiling, setting a longer rinsing time or incorporating additional detergent as needed.

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