Snaffle says…

This white Solt top loader washer has the capacity to wash 5.5kg of dry laundry per load so you can easily handle a one or two person household's needs. You can select the best setting for each load of washing with its 8 types of washing programs. Also, the white Solt GGSTLW55B has a delayed start setting, an LED display, a safety lock, LED controls, and a 600 rpm maximum spin speed. It features a 2 star energy rating and a 3 star WELS water rating.

Solt says…

This white top loader washer is 910mm high, 515mm wide, and 525mm deep, so take careful measurements of where your washer needs to fit, leaving space for the lid to open fully and to have a wall-mounted dryer above the open lid if you have limited laundry space.

The Best Bits

  • The Fast Clean System is great if you're in a rush but don't want to compromise the quality of wash. Simply select this feature (available for Mix, Normal, Jeans, Soft and Strong functions) by pressing the Program and Temperature buttons together.

  • Need the load to finish at a more convenient time? To avoid wet clothes sitting in the machine, simply use the 24h Start Delay to set the machine to start up to 24 hours later.
  • With 8 wash programs as well as the ability to select the water level, rinsing time and water temperature, you can be sure that no matter how soiled your washing is, it will be cleaned most effectively.
  • This intelligent feature takes some of the guesswork out of washing for you, with the machine automatically selecting the correct water level based off the load weight.