BH Fitness G6350B i.V1 i.Concept Treadmill

Snaffle says…

Get a head start with the BH Fitness i.V1 1.Concept Treadmill. This model features Plug and Run technology so there’s no assembly required. You can hit the ground running and on your way to your fitness goals. This model is packed with features to help you get started on your fitness journey or to complement your active lifestyle. Keep fit and motivated with the BH Fitness i.V1 1.Concept Treadmill.

BH Fitness says…

This environmentally-friendly model is equipped with ECO Mode Function which uses less energy for a more efficient workout. The Shock Absorbing System keeps you going for longer by minimising the stress on your joints while also protecting your equipment. You can give it your all with this machine. Connect your device and treadmill with Google maps to experience real-world running in the comfort and safety of your own home. The treadmill adjusts the incline based on where you are running on the map.

The Best Bits

  • Plug and Run

  • This treadmill is equipped with Plug and Run technology which lets you unfold the machine, lock, and begin your workout without the frustration of assembling the machine. The Soft Drop System descends the running board at a slow speed for your safety.
  • ECO Mode Function
  • The ECO Mode Function produces a more efficient workout that delivers the same performance with 30% less power consumption so you can burn calories without wasting power.
  • Multi-Cushion Shock Absorbing System
  • The Shock Absorbing System is designed to protect your knees and ankles and also protects the running board so you can have a stable run even during intense sessions.
  • Smartphone and Tablet Compatibility
  • You can connect your device via Bluetooth with the treadmill and utilise the Google street viewing mode and simulate a real-world run. The software automatically adjusts incline levels based on Google street location.

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