WalkSlim 470 Walking Treadmill

Snaffle says…

Is the rain postponing your daily walks? Can’t fit a workout in your busy schedule? Not enough room for fitness equipment at home or in the office? Now there’s no more excuses with the WalkSlim 470 Walking Treadmill.

WalkSlim says…

This treadmill is extremely compact and folds flat so you can store it under your bed or it can easily be stored away in small apartments and offices. It is lightweight and portable so you can park it in front of the TV or your work desk so you can lose weight while getting your daily tasks done. It features an LED display to keep track of your progress and a speed range that can be adjusted to your pace.

A walking exercise has numerous benefits and now it’s easier to incorporate this into your daily routine with the WalkSlim 470 Treadmill.

The Best Bits

  • Features:

  • Touch Screen
  • Folds completely flat for easy storage
  • 120kg Maximum Weight
  • Foldaway Design
  • Displays: Time, distance, speed, calories and steps

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