WalkSlim 670 Mini Walk Treadmill

Snaffle says…

A lightweight, slim, and portable treadmill is an excellent way to burn calories and achieve your daily recommended step count. Even when it’s pouring rain outside or it is freezing cold, there’s no excuse for skipping your usual walk or jog with the WalkSlim Walk Pro.

WalkSlim says…

With this handy treadmill, you can burn calories while you watch TV or while getting work done in the office. The somatic speed control lets you adjust the speed depending on your position on the walking belt. This lets you enjoy an uninterrupted workout session by not having to stop to adjust speeds. You can keep an eye on your progress with the LED display.

The Best Bits

  • Silent Motor

  • Enjoy the flexibility of being able to work out at whatever hour without disturbing the rest of your household thanks to the ultra-quiet operation of this treadmill.
  • Infrared Speed Control
  • Achieve your ideal speed, with a range from 0.8 - 6 km per hour, by placing pressure on the slow down or speed up sections of the walking belt.
  • Features
  • LED Screen
  • ● Calorie Counter
  • ● Streamline design
  • ● Worlds thinnest, lightest platform
  • ● Aluminium alloy frame, no welding
  • ● Silent motor, dual - turbine drive
  • ● Super shock absorption system
  • ● Speed Range from 0.8-6 KM/H
  • ● Maximum User Weight 100kg

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