York 925 Multi Gym

A$28.72per week for 1 year
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Snaffle says…

If you need to pack a lot of different exercises into a little bit of space, then the York Fitness 925 Multi Gym has everything you need. This economic, space saving unit provides for a variety of different workouts thanks to multiple clever design features.

A locking bar allows you to switch from chest presses to butterflies, and with 3 positioning options for the textured handholds, this unit is ready for anything.

York says…

This residential multi gym is made of coated rectangular tube steel for stability and upholstered in thick vinyl and durable foam roller pads. With no cable changes and a locking mechanism, this unit is both safe and easy to use.

This Multi Gym comes with a poster style exercise chart with illustrations for 35 different exercises, such as Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Shoulder Press, Rowing, Bench Press, Tricep Pressdown, Weighted Cable Crunch, Lat Pulldown Machine, Tricep Extension, and many more.

The Best Bits

  • Full sized frame suitable for most users

  • Thick upholstery with durable foam roller pads
  • Variety of exercises can be performed