Snaffle says…

The Segway Ninebot C20 Kids eKickScooter 5236929 brings a stylish formfactor and an easy to use design for kids to use for all ages. Travel locally with a max speed of up to 20kms an hour and cover distances up to 20km away.

Segway says…

Perfect for kids 10 years or older they can have hours of fun riding around, with only a five hour charge time the kids will be back playing and enjoying the outdoors in no time. The Solid Rubber Tyres and Mechanical Handbrake work together to reduce the unsteadiness of uneven terrains and prevent potential crashes and injuries from occurring.

The Best Bits

  • Cruise mode

  • High elastic, solid rubber tires
  • 20km top speed
  • Max range 20km
  • Safe mode
  • Mechanical handbrake
  • 10.6kg ultra-light body
  • Fine-grained sandblast coating
  • TPR polymer grip
  •  Silicone foot pad