Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 44mm Aluminium / Pink Gold

A$11.27per week for 1 year
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Snaffle says…

Track your movements throughout the day with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2. This Samsung watch has a big 1.4 inch super Amoled display that makes it easy for you to see your health insights when you need it.

Samsung says…

Monitor and track your heart rate - health monitoring keeps an eye on your heart rate and send you an alert when it goes above or below normal levels.

The Best Bits

  • Wear your Galaxy Watch Active2 all day with its powerful battery that will last you the day with normal use.

  • Simply charge your watch on the compact wireless charger with no charging jacks or wires required.
  • Be sound in body and mind - the stress tracker on this smart watch, keeps track of your stress levels when you're feeling tense and suggests guided breathing exercises to get some peace of mind.

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