Lenovo 15.6" V145 1TB Laptop

A$17.70 per week for 1 year
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Snaffle says…

The Lenovo 15.6" V145 Laptop is designed to make work, study and play better.

You’ll improve productivity and efficiency with its robust AMD processor and graphics, keep your data safe with professional-level encryption, and enjoy the comfort of its ergonomic features wrapped up in a chassis with a sharp, clean, professional look.

Lenovo says…

Get set for a productivity boost with the Lenovo 15.6" V145 Laptop.

This model features a 1TB Hard drive which is fantastic for those who have lots of files, movies, clips, music and data to store.

The Best Bits

  • Keep your data safe with professional-level encryption

  • The full-sized ergonomic keyboard and number pad are comfortable to use, as well as spill resistant
  • Have clear video calls with the HD camera and Dolby Audio speakers