Samsung 75" Q60 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

A$104.36 per week for 1 year
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Snaffle says…

This 60" QLED from Samsung sits nicely between the LED and OLED ranges and offers top notch picture quality at a size big enough to fill most rooms. The vivid contract makes for a great TV experience and the ambient mode means it can slip into the background when you’re not watching.

Samsung says…

Delivering an outstanding viewing experience, The Samsung 75" Q60 4K Ultra HD Smart TV lets you enjoy sharp, crisp true 4K visuals! Featuring QLED TV's Quantum Dot technology you will experience consistently bright and vibrant images that enables you to see terrific picture quality. The viewing experience is further enhanced by the 200Hz refresh rate for smooth and vivid images. With the Samsung 75" Q60 4K Ultra HD Smart TV's SmartThings capabilities, you can connect your new TV up with all your smart devices.

The Best Bits

  • Samsung's Intelligent Mode ensures the picture, sound and volume are adapted to suit your room environment so you enjoy a customised big screen entertainment experience

  • Built-in Smart TV features mean that you’ll be able to connect to apps such as Netflix, Youtube, and more without having to connect extra devices to your TV
  • With Ambient Mode you can turn your TV screen into a beautiful display when you're not watching it