Elliot 3 Seater + 2 Reclining Armchairs Sofa Set in Fabric (Grey)

A$53.70 per week for 1 year
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Snaffle says…

Enjoy the Elliot 3 Seater + 2 Reclining Armchairs Set, and the luxurious comfort that only a recliner can provide. With slimline arms, the Elliot is a sleek and contemporary option for lovers of loungeroom recliners.

Please note we may not be able to fulfil orders to Western Australia, Tasmania or Northern Territory. Please call us on 1800 762 335 for further information.

Elliot says…

Create the ultimate recliner suite with the Elliot range. Once you sit back on the Elliot’s wide padded seats, you’ll never want to go back to sitting in an upright position.

The Best Bits

  • All seats recline individually 

  • Cushioned comfort 
  • Slimline design 
  • Versatile grey colour