Samsung Galaxy S21 One Month Free Rental Promotion


  1. Submit an application for any Samsung Galaxy S21 between 1st February and 1st March 2021;

  2. Once approved you’ll be eligible for one month off your rental contract;

  3. Ensure that all your payments are up to date and we’ll forego your final month and your lease will expire early.


  1. The “One Month Free Rental” promotion is open between Mon 1 February 12.01 am (AEDT) and will close on Mon 1 March 2021 8.59 am (AEDT). Late applications will not be considered for the campaign;

  2. To be eligible to apply under the “One Month Free Rental” promotion you must be an Australian resident, be approved for a lease under our credit criteria and be over 18 years old;

  3. Only products from Snaffle’s mobile range of Samsung S21 rentals are eligible for the “One Month Free Rental’ promotion;

  4. Applications will be considered in accordance with approval and are subject to Snaffle credit criteria and approval process;

  5. Snaffle may decline any application, for whatever reason, including on the grounds that the proposed lease is unsuitable to the applicant;

  6. Applicants must complete and submit a lease application form and provide Snaffle with such information as is necessary to assess the suitability of the lease to the applicant including any financial information requested by Snaffle in support of the application;

  7. The “One Month Free Rental” promotion means that if the customer complies with the lease agreement and is otherwise not in default of the lease or have terminated the agreement for whatever reason, Snaffle will forego the final lease instalment under the agreement and will allow the lease to expire early (applies to all 12, 24 and 36-month rentals);

  8. Customers must comply with the terms of the lease agreement to be eligible to receive the benefit of the “One Month Free Rental” promotion;

  9. End of lease conditions will be communicated to the customer in accordance with the lease agreement 90 days prior to expiry of the lease; and

  10. These terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with the Snaffle contract terms and conditions.