The Snaffle Plus Monthly Cash giveaway

Every month Snaffle gives away $10,000 to our nearest and dearest. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is be a member of Snaffle Plus… which is free to join. Check out our list of previous winners.

Monthly giveaway

Every month we will give away five cash prizes:

  • First prize: $5000

  • Second prize: $2000

  • Third prize: $1000

  • Fourth prize: $1000

  • Fifth prize: $1000

Prizes will be drawn by an independent draw company. To qualify for the draw, you must be a member of Snaffle Plus. The number of entries is determined by your Snaffle Plus status. View our Terms & Conditions.

  • Snaffle PlusOne: 1 entry per month

  • Snaffle PlusTwo: 2 entries per month

  • Snaffle PlusThree: 3 entries per month

Want to win $5,000 every month?