The Snaffle trade-in centre

Got old tech cluttering up your house while you pine for a newer model? Trade it in with Snaffle today and you could get $100 off your next rental. Check out the list of eligible products below and if you think you qualify give us a call on 1300 286 593 to discuss what you’d like to trade in and what you’d like to replace it with. If you’re an existing customer of inRent, Make it Mine or Essential Appliance Rentals we might have an extra bonus for you, so don’t delay – call today.

Eligible products

Please note we have listed manufacturers here – trade in not eligible on specific models only and value dependent on condition. Don’t see your product? Call us anyway and we’ll see what we can do. Snaffle your trade in by calling 1300 286 593.

Mobile Phones

  • Apple iPhones

  • Samsung Galaxy range

  • OPPO phones

  • Realme 5 or XT


  • HP

  • Lenovo

  • Apple

  • Acer

  • Dell

  • Asus


  • Samsung

  • Apple