Reasons to snaffle

If you haven’t thought about renting before you’re missing out on a lot of benefits...

Owning is old fashioned

We know stuff makes people happy. It makes us happy. But increasingly we don’t need to own stuff to enjoy it.

The human race is moving from a consumer economy to a rental one and we want to help. We rent cars, movies, books, software, computer storage and even pets and clothes.

Cool brands

Have a look round. Whether it’s awesome Apple phones, sexy Samsung tablets, (e)xcellent Xboxes, fantastic Fisher & Paykel… OK we’ll stop there but you get the point.

We’ve got your favourite brands and if there’s something we don’t have… simply tell us and we’ll see if we can get it for you.


We don’t live in a world of certain straight lines that never deviate. Life changes; priorities change too.

Maybe you’re in a bigger house, maybe you need a hand setting up home, maybe tomorrow you’ll change your mind on that bright pink sofa.* Renting gives you the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs.

* We don’t stock bright pink sofas but if you want one, we’ll find you one.

Bite-size payments

Whether you’ve just moved house having paid that big deposit, you need a new computer for uni but you’ve just had to pay your fees, or you want to have some spare cash in your pocket instead of spending it all at once, renting means you don’t have to completely empty your wallet to get the things you need.


Rented for 12 months? Give us a buzz and we’ll talk to you about upgrading your product.

Taking care of business

Fitting out an office for a new venture? Need computer equipment for your café? Want help with financing a new franchise? Give us a call and talk about deductible rental or leasing options.