About us

Welcome to the world of Snaffle!

We bring a fresh approach to getting what you want, when you want. Snaffle is an online store with built-in consumer finance to pay off goods over 1, 2 or 3 years. We offer thousands of products – electronics, furniture, home & garden and much more – that can be paid for in bite-sized weekly payments using the Snaffle wallet.

Powered by WalletPay, the Snaffle wallet is the best way to get the stuff you want and pay for it over time.

Snaffle is an Aspire42 company

Aspire42 invests in existing companies and creates new ones

We manage and develop companies with a focus on providing real things to real people. We look to develop new brands and business models where we see opportunities to disrupt markets and create value.

Find out more about us and our continual drive to discover answers that are somewhat less perplexing than ‘42’. We continue to diversify the portfolio of business as we expand into other industries, keeping to our core values.

We are:

Proudly Australian… with international experience

Proudly focussed… on managing and developing companies that provide real benefits to real people.

Proudly investing… in existing companies, in new businesses, in relationships and in people.

Proudly innovating… in sectors where we see the opportunity to disrupt