About us

Welcome to the world of Snaffle!

We’re new, but we have a history. We’re experienced, but we’re fresh and full of ideas.

Confused? Please don’t be, because we’re here to make your life simple.

We’ve got all your favourite brands available to rent for a flexible amount of time. And if we don’t list the product you want, we’ll try to find it for you.

Don’t buy it. Snaffle it.

A rich history. An exciting future

We’ve taken decades of experience running Radio Rentals (South Australia), combined it with the knowledge of running Make It Mine and Essential Appliance Rentals, added a dash of global management experience and mixed it all with new thinking to offer a rental experience fit for our time and your needs.

And we’ve got plans. So many plans to make the things you want more accessible. So sign up to our email updates, follow our social channels, or just drop us a line to say hello.