Floor Care

Carpets, ceramic tiles and the latest hybrid floors… you probably have a combination of a few types around the home. One thing is certain however – They all need regular vacuuming, polishing or mopping. Having the right gear to keep ‘em clean and shiny is so worth it.

A$4.22* /week
A$6.66* /week
A$13.07* /week
A$4.82* /week
A$6.26* /week
A$7.23* /week
A$8.41* /week
A$8.91* /week
A$14.55* /week
A$15.99* /week
A$17.49* /week
A$18.91* /week
A$19.11* /week
A$19.47* /week
A$20.58* /week
A$24.75* /week
A$25.58* /week
A$30.59* /week