PC versus Console Gaming - Why PC Stacks Up.

March 17, 2022

Every gamer faces a dilemma when choosing between a PC and a console. The kind of debate that fires up message boards includes discussion about which one is superior, is less costly, has the finest visuals, or has the finest multiplayer competition? If you're deciding between PC gaming and gaming consoles, we'll break down each side of the argument to help you figure out which is ideal for you.

Whether you play on a gaming console or gaming computer, the essential thing is to have fun. Additionally, technical competence, budget, and accessible upgrades should all be taken into account while making your decision.

Why is PC gaming better?

PC gaming has a number of advantages over games consoles — long-term cost savings, game variety, and upgradeability are among these advantages.

Without further ado, here are ten reasons why PC gaming is preferable to gaming consoles:

1.     Price

While gaming consoles are less expensive than many gaming PC solutions, additional expenditures associated with games consoles must be considered, such as monthly or yearly internet subscription fees and more expensive titles.

While gaming PCs are more expensive up front, ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 and consoles cost $400-600, the cost of a PC over its lifetime is substantially lower. Games consoles can be costly or impossible to repair, and every 5-7 years, a new one is released, rendering older ones obsolete and incapable of playing newer games.

Another advantage of owning a gaming PC is the ability to be more precise with which parts and components you want to improve your experience, rather than waiting for a pro version of a game console to be released only to get a better screen or faster performance.

2.     Upgradability of hardware

When deciding between a gaming PC and a gaming console, hardware upgradeability is a major consideration. While the latest PS5 and Xbox Series X console hardware designs are growing closer to those of PCs, they are still constrained to the factory-installed standard hardware. A gaming PC, on the other hand, has a wide range of hardware options, including processors, RAM, power supplies, and even graphics cards.

You may tailor your PC to match your individual goals and needs, prioritizing visuals, frames per second, and complete gameplay experience, thanks to this freedom of choice. Moreover, Apex gaming PCs allow you to customize your system by choosing from a variety of CPUs, motherboards, coolers, GPUs, RAM, memory, and other components.

3. Execution

The key reason that drives people to play games on a PC rather than gaming consoles is the massive difference in performance. Higher-quality components and a greater gaming experience are just the deal-breaker.

Because of the strong components, gaming desktop PCs often have better graphic images and frame rates. To keep the heat down and reduce costs for the manufacturer, games consoles are insufficient in comparison to modern gaming PCs. Most games consoles are limited to 60 frames per second and occasionally fall short of that target.

4. More varieties of games

Gaming desktop PCs offer a significant advantage in terms of the number of games. Gaming desktop PCs have a significantly larger selection of games than gaming consoles, ranging from MMOs to browser games. Even console-exclusive games, such as Halo and several other Xbox games, are console-dependent.

Many independent game creators, both amateur and professional, distribute their games only on PC. Games consoles must be purchased through their own shops or apps, whereas PC games can be purchased through several marketplaces such as Epic Game Store, Steam, and Humble Bundle, all of which offer promotions and discounts.

5. Free to play games available

Another compelling argument for individuals to choose gaming on desktop PCs is the availability of free-to-play games. Free-to-play games like Valorant and Apex Legends provide extensive online multiplayer experiences to PC gamers at no cost. Furthermore, many game distributors may provide customers with free games for a limited time during special promotions.

6. Modifications of games

If you prefer to disassemble, alter, or change things and appreciate the ability to tweak or "mod," select PC games like Skyrim or GTA. Not only does modding allow you to personalize a game, but certain games also allow you to share and enjoy mods with others.

7. One-of-a-kind games

Most games are exclusive to gaming consoles, but PC exclusives outnumber game console exclusives. There are dozens of indie games available online since it is now simpler than ever to build your own game.

Furthermore, due to the high expenses of porting games to gaming consoles, many indie games are only available on gaming laptop computers. Even though a game isn't exclusive, it benefits from being available on gaming computers because most distributors offer special discounts to stimulate PC game sales.

8. No payments for services online

If you wish to interact with others online, you'll need to pay for online services via gaming consoles in addition to the cost of your internet service provider. Game consoles must be connected to the web through WiFi or Ethernet, but a membership to their services is required to access internet services, including multiplayer gaming. Depending on which gaming console you choose, these online service charges might cost anywhere from $20 to $120 every year.

To play multiplayer online games on your gaming laptop computers, all you need is an internet connection.

9. Flexibility of the controller

The majority of console controllers, whether wireless or not, work for gaming computers, providing you additional alternatives when deciding what to use. When it comes to FPS games, PC players prefer to utilize a mouse and gaming keyboard because it provides better accuracy and precision. Competitive sports players frequently prefer to play with a mouse and keyboard rather than a gaming controller.

10. Add-ons & peripherals

You can choose from a large range of accessories when playing PC games. Some gamers choose to play with a keyboard and mouse, while others prefer to play with joysticks, gamepads, or racing wheels. So, whatever game you prefer, you can customize your input device to enhance your gaming experience.

With the developments in gaming desktop PC and GPU technology, you now have additional monitor options for high-frame-rate gaming and complex graphics settings. Another advantage of PC gaming is that you are not restricted to specific headphone solutions, as is the case with consoles. Further, virtual reality is also possible with gaming computers if you use special equipment that links to your computer.

11. Compatibility, both forward and backward

Most consoles don’t have backward compatibility; therefore, you won't be able to play older games on newer platforms unless you own the original machine. Gaming desktop PC offers the advantage of being based on the PC operating system, which means that many games designed for the PC will be functional on any future gaming computer.

Emulation also gives gaming laptop computers a new lease on life by allowing you to connect old games and play them on your gaming desktop PC with your preferred peripherals.

12. Use on a daily basis

Gaming laptop computers can be used for a variety of things in addition to gaming. It will not only accomplish your routine tasks but also assist with high-tech features. Video editing, AutoCAD, photo editing, and design apps are some of the other things that high-performance gaming laptop computers may help you with.


Both PC gaming and console gaming have advantages and disadvantages, but it ultimately gets down to your budget and the expertise you seek. Although a PC is initially more costly than a console, the advantages of PC gaming outweigh the disadvantages.