Tablet, laptop, desktop — which device is right for you?

May 10, 2021

Whether it’s for work or play, getting your hands on a new tech device is always exciting.

These days, the number of computers, laptops, and tablets that are available means that the hardest part of the process is deciding which gadget is right for you!

Fortunately, the knowledgeable folk at Snaffle are here to help. We’ve put together this handy guide that contains everything you need to know about computer, laptop, and tablet rentals.

Tablet, laptop, desktop computer — what’s the difference?

All three of these devices are very popular amongst consumers, each for different reasons.


The original computer model, desktops are favoured by those who are after a big screen and strong processing power. Desktop computers often form the centerpiece of a study, home office, or family area. They are an excellent choice for those who value multitasking and can be easily upgraded through extra accessories, including a keyboard, printer, and an additional monitor


Looking to work on the go? A laptop rental may be the answer. These days, laptops are extremely lightweight and come with all the features you would expect in a desktop computer, including a high definition screen, webcam, and multiple USB ports.


A relatively newcomer to the field, tablets have nevertheless been around long enough now that they have the specs and features to compete with their laptop and desktop counterparts. Tablets are great for those working in art or graphic design, as the touch-screen makes it simple to transfer your ideas to the screen. They’re also favoured by adults and kids alike who enjoy playing games and streaming entertainment on a generously-sized screen.

Questions to ask when picking a new device

Picking a new device is never easy, particularly with the wealth of options that are available today. Here at Snaffle, we want our customers to feel confident that they’ve made the right decision, so we’ve put together a list of handy questions you might want to consider when it comes time to snaffle your next device:

What am I planning to use this device for?

If the answer is ‘everything’, then a desktop or laptop is probably your best option due to their high processing power and vast memory capacity. However, if you are simply looking for a screen that will keep your kids occupied with some ABC Kids during the day before letting you stream the latest Netflix hit after they’ve gone to bed, a tablet may be the choice for you.

Is portability important to me?

People often say that the only downside of a desktop computer is that it’s stuck in the one spot. However, for some people, this is an advantage. Not being able to move your computer around means that you also can’t move your work around. Once you’ve closed the door to your study or home office, you can switch off for the day and enjoy some valuable family time.

On the other hand, those who are constantly on the move will benefit from the portability of a laptop or tablet. If you’ve got a morning meeting at a nearby cafe and are also hoping to get some work done in the car while waiting to pick the kids up from school, opt for a laptop or tablet device.

To Apple or not?

Apple is synonymous with tech, however, it’s not your only option when it comes to picking a new device.

While the iPad may have initially held monopoly over the tablet market, Samsung have rapidly gained ground with their innovative, powerful range of Galaxy Tabs. An iMac is certainly one of the more stylish desktop options but the power of HP Pavilion’s Intel Core i5 processor makes for strong competition. And when it comes to laptops, there are a whole host of HP, Microsoft, and Lenovo options available to you, alongside the classic MacBook Air and Pro.

Top models available for you to snaffle

Still not sure? We’ve made it easy for you with a selection of our top tech devices.

Apple iMac 21.5" 256GB with Retina 4K display

The ultimate in desktop performance, this Apple iMac comes with an eighth-generation Intel Core processor, high-definition graphics, and 256GB of storage. Work and play with confidence using the Apple iMac.

HP 13.3" Elite Dragonfly G2 Laptop

Get the best of both worlds with the HP Elite Dragonfly G2 Laptop. A touch screen interface combined with all the security and connectivity features you would expect from HP means that you can stay in touch while on the go.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 4G 128GB

A tablet that boasts all the advantages of a traditional computer, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 can be transformed through a compatible keyboard or S-pen. The substantial 12.4” screen with low blue light lets you stream and play for hours on end without risk to your eyesight.

Why you should rent your next tech device through Snaffle

Buying isn’t your only option when it comes to getting your hands on the latest tech appliances. Thanks to Snaffle’s rental options, you will have your hands on your dream laptop or tablet in no time. Avoid the shock of large, upfront costs with easy to manage, bite-size payments.

At Snaffle, we understand that our customers are looking for the latest and most innovative products. With flexible contract lengths to suit your financial needs you can choose from a short 1-year rental, a longer 3-year contract, or somewhere in the middle.

Whether you are looking for a laptop, tablet, or computer rental, browse our extensive range of tech devices, and snaffle a bargain today.

To rent with Snaffle, you can apply online or by calling 1300 286 593. You’ll need to provide one form of identification, a reference, and some basic financial information.
Once your application has been approved and you have made your first payment, we will have your product delivered within 10 business days.