Transform your living space with a smart TV

June 24, 2021

For many years, the TV has acted as the focal point of a living space. The development of smart technology means this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Smart TVs are very popular with consumers who are looking for ways to streamline their entertainment options and stay connected with the world around them. At Snaffle, we’re committed to keeping up with the latest tech trends, which means smart TV rentals are at the very top of our product list.

What makes a TV smart?

Nowadays, any electronics store you visit (whether virtually or in-person) is full to the brim with ‘smart devices’. These products promise to make our lives easier, with added technology facilitating improved communication and connectivity. But what makes a smart TV smart?

Over the past few years, the way that we watch TV has completely changed. Free-to-air broadcast is a thing of the past, with a new streaming service announced seemingly every day. TV manufacturers have moved fast to keep up, loading their products with a range of special features that assist consumers keep up with the latest tech developments.

Smart TVs of today tend to feature:

  • App connectivity, making it easy to stream Netflix, Stan, Amazon, and all your favourite platforms.

  • Virtual assistants, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • Wireless streaming technologies, such as Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast.

  • Additional media, including gaming and music streaming services.

  • Voice search capabilities.

What you will need to set up your smart TV

There are a few simple pre-requisites you will need to make the most of all these awesome features.

To start with, you’ll need a good internet connection. This doesn’t have to be wireless — many smart TVs can be connected directly to a router using an ethernet cable.

You’ll also want a HDMI cord so you can connect any additional devices — a Playstation, for example — to your new TV.

That’s pretty much it! You may need to spend a little time getting the various picture settings right and downloading any apps that you want to use but in reality, setting up your new smart TV could not be simpler.

Smart TVs you can Snaffle

Here at Snaffle, we’re firm believers in the power of technology, which is why we are proud to offer our customers a wide range of the latest smart TV devices.

Sony 85" X8000H 4K UHD Android BRAVIA LED TV

All the features you would expect from a smart TV, combined with crystal clear graphics and vivid resolution. The Sony 85" Android BRAVIA FWD-85X8000H offers ultra high definition visuals with multidimensional sound for a truly immersive experience. Stream your favourite shows with a wide range of compatible apps and enjoy the convenience of hands-free voice search. 

TCL 75" 4K P715 UHD HDR Android Smart QUHD LED TV

If you’re a fan of action, this is the TV for you. The TCL 75" P715 UHD HDR features clear motion rate technology, meaning that you’ll never miss a minute of your favourite show, game, or sport. This TV also lives up to the name ‘smart’, with an Android operating system and AI-facilitated voice control.

Akai 65" 4k UHD LED Smart TV

The Akai 65" 4k UHD LED is the perfect choice for those seeking an introduction to the world of smart technology. With the ability to stream both Netflix and YouTube on 4K Ultra HD, watching TV will never be the same again.

Why you should rent your next TV through Snaffle

Buying isn’t your only option when it comes to getting your hands on the latest smart TVs. Thanks to Snaffle’s rental options, you will have your hands on your dream television in no time. Avoid the shock of large, upfront costs with easy to manage, bite-size payments.

At Snaffle, we understand that our customers are looking for the latest and most innovative products. With flexible contract lengths to suit your financial needs you can choose from a short 1-year rental, a longer 3-year contract, or somewhere in the middle.

Whether you are looking for a portable projector or TV rental (or even a screen that’s a little smaller, like an iPhone rental), browse our extensive range of devices and snaffle a bargain today.

To rent TVs with Snaffle, you can apply online or by calling 1300 286 593. You’ll need to provide two forms of identification, a reference, and some basic financial information. Once your application has been approved and you have made your first payment, we will have your product delivered within 10 business days.