We may not be remembered by history, but we will know that when the call came, we stepped forward!

July 29, 2021

Author: Hannah Hokarari - Social Ambassador for Snaffle. Click here to follow her on Instagram for more fascinating stories.

This is a phrase that Snaffle fulfills time and time again, aspiring to help those in need at anytime, anywhere, and in any way they can. The most recent example of the team’s selfless service has been in support of the Saint Francis of Assisi Mission, a community charity located in Puna, a remote mountain region of Argentina. The Mission was initially the vision of just one man, Friar Martin Caserta, who was moved to act after visiting the area. He witnessed a desperate situation of unemployment, homelessness, no prospects of education, and children left vulnerable to trafficking, prostitution, drug abuse and domestic violence.

Water, food, shelter and education are necessities for life– we must help those who are less fortunate, it is our fellow human duty.

The arrival of Saint Francis of Assisi Mission has been life changing for all those in the community, instilling hope, health, and a much brighter future. Friar Martin has 500 volunteers who help feed and educate over 3,000 children every day, as well as assisting parents with drug rehabilitation and finding them reliable and safe work. Donated funds have also enabled the construction of much needed schools and homes.

The children expressing heart felt gratitude to Friar Martin for providing them a new lease on life!

Tragically, in recent weeks, this positive situation has deteriorated due to worsening drought conditions, and the community has run out of water. The water tables have dropped, causing the wells to run dry and no water remains to neither drink nor bathe. This is an urgent situation for the people of Puna, as it would be for any human, as we simply cannot survive without this necessary life force. Water is now being transported in via the rough roads and is an expensive operation.

Help is on its way with the delivery of water tanks to the community and clean water to finally fill them with.

Argentina do not have a welfare system or support services to help their native or impoverished people, like we do in Australia, which is why Snaffle swiftly responded to their urgent cry for help! Fundraisings were already well underway to support the Missions ongoing quest; and now addressing the imminent water shortages, Snaffle employee Cameron Crowell has kindly decided to shave off his beloved beard to raise the needed funds. Cameron felt compelled to help in any way he could, as he heartfeltly shared:

‘There are many worthy causes, including those in our own backyard – but none tears at the heart like these children in need. One of our colleagues knows the charity and the region well, and all were touched by their plight.’

Cameron Crowell, Snaffle Director of Sales and Operations, with grandson Tyde

You can check out the GoFundMe page for more information on Cameron’s debearding journey, and to see how the money he has raised is being used to help the people of Puna. The Big Trim is scheduled for Tuesday 3rd August 2021, so stay tuned to see Cam amongst the sheep and hay bails for this once in lifetime ceremony (decades of love, care, and friendship have gone into that beard!).

Friar Martin in the community of Puna, helping save and change so many precious lives.

Thank you to everyone who has managed to support the cause already, either via donations or sharing the GoFundMe link with family and friends; every contribution is making a positive difference to a precious human life. Please know these children and communities of Puna are tremendously grateful for this gracious gift. A big thank you to Snaffle for their ongoing support of those less fortunate and providing an opportunity for people to be of service to others.

Children of Puna, smiling with gratitude to everyone who is helping them live healthier and happier!