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Rent the stuff you want. At prices you'll like.

All your favourite brands available to rent for a flexible amount of time.

We’re new, but we have a history. We’re experienced, but we’re fresh and full of ideas.

Don’t buy it. Snaffle it.

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Enjoy the benefits of renting with Snaffle

If you’re new to renting there are plenty of great benefits

  • Big brands

    All the latest products, from all the best brands.

    Whether it's a mobile phone, computer, home appliance or furniture… we’ve got you covered with 600+ rental products.

  • Small payments

    Avoid the shock of large, upfront payments.

    Enjoy bite-size payments, automatically and easily managed every week, fortnight, or month.

  • Flexible contracts

    Contract lengths to suit your financial needs.

    Choose from a short 1-year rental, a longer 3-year contract, or somewhere in the middle*.

    *contract cost will vary depending on length of lease. Please check website for exact figures.

3 easy steps to snaffle the brands you love!

  • 1. Browse

    Choose from over 600 products. Select your preferred payment frequency and contract length, then simply add to your cart.

  • 2. Apply

    Found what you need? Start your application online or give us a call. You’ll need two forms of ID and some bank information so we can assess your application.

  • 3. Enjoy

    Once your application has been approved, signed and you’ve made your first payment we’ll get your new product to you within 10 business days.

Frequently asked questions

Do you accept applications over the phone?

What sort of information do I need to include in my application?

What payment methods are available?

How quickly will I receive my order after I've submitted my application?

How do I collect / receive my order?

Do I own the product at the end of the rental?

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