How it works

Grab a Snaffle Wallet today and get all the best features of Snaffle.

You only ever need to apply once to get a Snaffle Wallet. You’ll get an instant assessment of your weekly credit limit that will sit in your Wallet to spend on the stuff you love. You’ll own all your products from day one and have complete control over your snaffling.

Looking to Snaffle lots of stuff?

Choose a longer contract term for lower weekly prices so you can buy more at once.

Just want to Snaffle a couple of things?

Choose shorter contracts safe in the knowledge that when you’ve paid off your product your Wallet balance will go back up, allowing you to shop for more stuff

How do I Snaffle?

  • 1. Browse

    Browse our hundreds of products and select the ones you want to buy

  • 2. Select

    On the product page ensure you’ve selected BUY WITH SNAFFLE WALLET

  • 3. Apply

    Fill in the application form for an instant response on the size of your Wallet

  • 4. Shop

    If you’ve got extra Wallet credit, shop again by logging in to your account and choosing the products you want.

Got more questions?