Apple Pencil Pro for iPad Pro M4 / iPad Air M2

Snaffle says…

Introducing the Apple Pencil Pro, the ultimate tool for limitless creativity. This all-new stylus elevates your artistic endeavours with cutting-edge technology, offering unmatched precision and fluidity. Whether you're sketching, painting, or taking notes, its advanced sensors and pressure sensitivity ensure every stroke feels natural and intuitive. Seamlessly integrated with all your Apple devices, it enhances your creative process like never before.

Apple says…

Experience complete creative control with the Apple Pencil Pro. Featuring powerful new interactions, it adapts to your unique style, allowing effortless switching between tools. The ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended use, making it perfect for any project. Elevate your artistry and productivity with the Apple Pencil Pro, engineered to bring your most imaginative ideas to life.

The Best Bits

  • Advanced tools: Apple Pencil Pro gives you ultimate creative control. Use gestures like Squeeze and Barrel Roll to access tools, change brushes, and create strokes seamlessly. Haptic feedback allows you to feel shapes snap into place, and with Apple Pencil hover on iPad Pro and iPad Air (M2), preview your mark before you make it.

  • Find My support: Never lose your Apple Pencil Pro again. The integration with Find My allows you to locate your Apple Pencil Pro effortlessly, ensuring it's always within reach when inspiration strikes.

  • Easy and natural: Achieve pixel-perfect precision with tilt and pressure sensitivity, and enjoy low latency for a natural drawing experience. The flat edge design allows you to switch tools with a simple tap. Apple Pencil Pro attaches, charges, and pairs magnetically for convenience.

  • Transforms iPad into a canvas: Turn your iPad into a creative canvas to draw, sketch, colour, take notes, and mark up documents. Use built-in apps like Notes and Freeform, or explore over a million apps available on the App Store to enhance your creative workflow.

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