Microsoft Surface Pen Silver

Snaffle says…

Interact with your computer like never before thanks to the Surface Pen. The Microsoft Surface Pen is a versatile creation tool that lets you find new ways to express yourself through and on your Surface Pro, Book, Laptop or Studio.

Microsoft says…

The Surface Pen lets you mimic a natural writing experience with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity so it responds to the lightest touch and it's fast so you can watch ink appear to flow directly from the tip of your pen to your screen, with almost no lag.

The Best Bits

  • Surface Pen places creativity back in your hands giving artists and creators a way to express themselves digitally in a tactile way.

  • Write, draw, paint, compose music - the possibilities are almost endless.
  • The Surface Pen finally gives a feasible option for creating and solving maths problems on a computer by allowing you to simply handwrite fractions, indices and other figures, so you don't have to spend ages digging through symbols to find.

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