Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ 64GB WIFI Graphite

Snaffle says…

Elevate your daily entertainment to new heights with the new Galaxy Tab A9+. Watch more videos from the couch or on the go and enjoy browsing on the 11” wide display. Immerse yourself in gaming and entertainment with the high performance processor that creates.

Samsung says…

You can even be flexible with your layouts using Multi Window and view up to three applications at once. If you have other Galaxy devices, you can expect seamless connectivity of audio, photos, videos and more stay entertained.

The Best Bits

  • Elevate your daily entertainment on an 11” wide display. Immerse yourself with a cinematic experience to watch and play all your favourite movies, TV shows and games.

  • Experience high-definition gaming and entertainment with impressive speed and a high performance processor so you can feel the action.
  • Make the most of flexible layouts so you never have to choose between your apps again. Seamlessly sketch, play and watch all at once– thanks to Multi Window.
  • Galaxy devices are designed to work together. Seamlessly switch calls and audio between your Galaxy Smartphone, Buds and even your Samsung TV.

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