Panasonic 300W Mini Hi-Fi System

Snaffle says…

With a chic, matte black finish and an adjustable illumination feature that lights up your dials, the Panasonic Mini HiFi System isn’t just a high-quality audio system, it’s a statement piece. A 13 centimetre woofer and 5 centimetre tweeter, coupled with 300W of power output, grants balanced tones across all your audio. Creating the dynamic lower tones, D.Bass Beat imbues your tracks with bass you can feel in your chest.

Panasonic says…

Mix genres with a local preset equaliser, allowing you to tune your audio with modes like rock and pop. Or take control of the three-band manual equaliser to create and fine-tune your own unique sounds. And with Bluetooth connectivity, it’s a simple matter of wirelessly connecting your smart devices to get the tunes flowing.

The Best Bits

  • Wires are out, wireless is in. The simple Bluetooth connectivity in this unit makes it easy to enjoy your favourite music wirelessly.

  • This device has been designed with a focus on its bass response. This means you’ll have full-sounding music that’s never flat or dull.
  • The USB playback in this unit makes it simple to play all your digital music files. Plug-and-play useability allows you to play your audio direct from your USB storage device.
  • Give life to your old CDs with the inbuilt CD player. Easy to use and control, you’ll hear all your favourite music in excellent quality through this device.

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