Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro

Snaffle says…

Experience unmatched security with our Pro-tier Ring Doorbells, featuring advanced 3D Motion Detection. This cutting-edge technology harnesses radar-powered precision to pinpoint movements, ensuring your property is monitored with unparalleled accuracy. With Pro, you gain a new level of security, capturing every detail and movement, so you never miss a thing.

Ring says…

Illuminate your nights with the Battery Video Doorbell Pro's Low-Light Sight. This innovative feature utilizes minimal lighting, such as a streetlight or your landscape illumination, to deliver crystal-clear colour images even in near darkness. Combined with Ring Vision's powerful hardware and sophisticated software, this doorbell guarantees superior image quality and reliable performance, keeping your home secure day and night.

The Best Bits

  • 1536p HD+ Head-to-Toe Video: Capture every detail with stunning clarity and full head-to-toe coverage, ensuring nothing escapes your view.

  • Radar 3D Motion Detection with Bird’s Eye View: Advanced radar technology provides precise motion detection and a comprehensive aerial view of your property.

  • Two-Way Talk with Audio+: Communicate clearly with visitors using enhanced audio, allowing for more natural conversations.

  • Low-Light Sight with Colour Night Vision: See in vivid color even in near darkness, using minimal ambient light for clear nighttime footage.

  • Colour Pre-Roll: Get a head start on capturing events with pre-recorded color video, giving you a fuller picture of any activity.

  • Works With Alexa: Integrates seamlessly with Alexa-enabled devices for convenient, voice-controlled security management.

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