LG 75 Inch QNED91 4K UHD Mini LED Smart TV

Snaffle says…

Immerse yourself in the LG QNED MiniLED QNED91 4K Smart TV, a groundbreaking fusion of Quantum Dot and NanoCell technology powered by the a8 AI Processor 4K. Designed to deliver vivid colours and immersive audio-visual experiences, this TV takes entertainment to new heights. Precision Dimming Technology sharpens and defines every image, while Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos transform your space into a cinematic experience with breathtaking visuals and audio, ensuring that every moment on screen captivates your senses.

LG says…

Integrated smart features like ThinQ AI, Chromecast, Apple Airplay, and AI Picture Wizard offer unmatched convenience and connectivity, seamlessly integrating your favourite content into one intuitive platform. Gamers will revel in the fast, responsive gameplay enabled by VRR, G-sync, and AMD Freesync, complemented by Advanced Gameplay features and Gaming Central for effortless control. Elevate your home entertainment experience further by pairing the TV with an LG Sound Bar for extraordinary audio through the WOW Orchestra. With webOS 24 keeping your favourite content at your fingertips and the webOS Re: New Program ensuring continuous updates, the LG QNED MiniLED QNED91 isn't just a television—it's an innovation in home entertainment, offering stunning visuals, immersive sound, and cutting-edge technology to transform every viewing session into an unforgettable event.

The Best Bits

  • Experience unparalleled detail and definition with the α8 AI Processor. This advanced processor not only enhances picture quality but also optimizes audio for an exhilarating viewing experience that rivals real life. With its intuitive capabilities, the α8 AI Processor automatically adjusts settings to deliver stunning visuals and immersive sound, ensuring that every scene comes to life with remarkable clarity and realism.

  • Immerse yourself in images powered by the innovative combination of Quantum Dot and NanoCell technology with QNED Colour Pro. This cutting-edge technology delivers vivid colours with superb realism, bringing every scene to life with breathtaking vibrancy and accuracy. Whether you're watching a blockbuster movie or your favourite TV show, QNED Colour Pro ensures that every frame is rendered with stunning precision and lifelike detail, elevating your viewing experience to new heights.

  • Uncover scenes with exceptional clarity and sharpness thanks to Precision Dimming. This advanced feature controls thousands of dimming blocks across the screen, producing razor-sharp pictures while reducing unwanted halo effects and revealing hidden details. With Precision Dimming, you can enjoy a viewing experience that's true to life, with enhanced contrast and depth that make every image pop with brilliance and clarity.

  • Take your gaming experience to the next level with Advanced Gameplay features designed to immerse you in the action. With rapid response times that sync to your reflexes and immersive graphics that bring every game to life, playing stays smooth and seamless. Features like FreeSync and VRR enhance high-speed action, ensuring a lag-free gaming experience, while easy settings make achieving victory a snap. Whether you're a casual gamer or a competitive player, Advanced Gameplay features ensure that you stay ahead of the game and enjoy every moment of play to the fullest.

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