Samsung 55 Inch Q70C UHD HDR 4K Smart QLED TV

Snaffle says…

Step into a transformative universe where the Samsung Q70C QLED TV elevates television viewing to an art form. Harnessing the power of Quantum Dot technology, it delivers a visual experience that goes beyond mere observation, immersing you in a world where colours pulsate with over 100% vibrancy, turning imagination into reality. The Motion Rate 200 captures every swift movement and nuanced gesture with captivating clarity, slowing time to let you savour each frame. The sleek 26mm AirSlim design isn't just a TV; it's a statement of aesthetic mastery that seamlessly integrates into your space, silently commanding admiration.

Samsung says…

For avid gamers, the Q70C is not just a device but a portal to a gaming realm. Offering dazzling 4K resolution at 120 frames per second, it breathes life into every adventure and challenge, making each quest unforgettable. Beyond the stunning visuals, Quantum HDR unveils cinematic grandeur, revealing hidden secrets and showcasing the brilliance of landscapes. AI upscaling works its wizardry, transforming classics into mesmerizing 4K resolution, blending nostalgia with contemporary flair. Object Tracking Sound Lite turns sound into a narrative character, crafting an auditory tapestry that enthrals and captivates. With features like Knox Security and the eco-conscious SolarCell One Remote, the Q70C ensures a secure and sustainable viewing experience, while the AirSlim Design crowns this masterpiece with sleek sophistication. With the Samsung Q70C, you don't just watch; you embark on poetic journeys and explore vivid universes, all from the comfort of your space. Welcome to the future of entertainment, where every moment is poetry and every frame is a canvas of dreams.

The Best Bits

  • Evolved QLED Viewing: This feature refers to an advanced form of Quantum Dot technology in QLED TVs, enhancing the overall viewing experience. It goes beyond traditional television, turning it into an immersive art form.

  • Quantum Dot Vibrancy: Quantum Dot technology ensures that colours are displayed with over 100% vibrancy, creating a visually stunning and lifelike picture on the screen.

  • Clear Motion Rate 200: This feature captures rapid action sequences with exceptional clarity. With a Motion Rate of 200, it ensures that fast movements and subtle gestures are displayed smoothly, allowing viewers to savour every frame.

  • Elegant AirSlim Design: The 26mm AirSlim design showcases a slim and elegant aesthetic, demonstrating a mastery of design. It's not just a TV; it seamlessly blends as a piece of art within your living space.

  • 4K Gaming Excellence: This feature provides an outstanding gaming experience with dazzling 4K resolution at 120 frames per second, bringing unparalleled clarity and vividness to every gaming adventure.

  • Cinematic Quantum HDR: Quantum HDR enhances the dynamic range of the display, making scenes come alive by revealing hidden details in shadows and showcasing the brilliance of sunlit landscapes, delivering a cinematic viewing experience.

  • AI 4K Upscaling: AI upscaling transforms content of varying quality into mesmerizing 4K resolution, ensuring that every scene, regardless of its original quality, appears vivid and contemporary.

  • Immersive Object Sound: Object Tracking Sound Lite turns sound into a narrative element by following the movement on the screen, creating an immersive auditory experience that captures whispers, roars, and subtle shifts in tone and intensity.

  • Knox Security Shield: This feature ensures the security of your viewing experience with Samsung's Knox Security, protecting your device and maintaining the sanctity of your viewing environment.

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