Sony Bravia 55 Inch A95L XR QD-OLED 4K Google TV

Snaffle says…

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of entertainment with the Sony A95L Series Google TV. This flagship OLED TV delivers an unparalleled viewing experience, characterized by infinite colours and definitive contrast, all powered by the revolutionary Cognitive Processor XR™. Witness your favourite movies, games, and shows come to life in stunning 4K QD-OLED, as the Cognitive Processor XR™ analyzes the content and recreates it to mirror the real-world perception of our eyes and ears. By understanding focal points and delivering sound in the right direction, this TV transcends conventional AI, creating a deeply immersive experience that feels incredibly real.

Sony says…

Experience a visual feast like never before with the XR Triluminos Max™ technology, showcasing vibrant and realistic shades even in the brightest scenes. With Pure Black technology, the Sony A95L Series achieves absolute brightness and supreme contrast, ensuring every detail pops on the screen. Additionally, the Acoustic Surface Audio+™ technology transforms the entire screen into a speaker, while the XR Surround provides a true 3D audio experience that places you in the heart of the action. Dialogue becomes crystal clear with Voice Zoom 2™, ensuring you catch every word. Pair your BRAVIA XR™ TV with Sony audio equipment for an unmatched audio-visual experience, further immersing yourself in your home entertainment with features like Acoustic Center Sync and Dolby Atmos® customization with Sony headphones or the SRS-NS7 wearable speaker for spatial surround.

The Best Bits

  • Revolutionary Cognitive Processor XR™: Sony's Cognitive Processor XR™ is a groundbreaking technology that goes beyond traditional artificial intelligence (AI) by analyzing content in a manner that mirrors human perception. It cross-analyzes hundreds of thousands of elements, including the focal point of a picture, to understand where our focus lies and deliver sound in the right direction. By generating depth information and adjusting each part accordingly, it creates a picture with unparalleled depth and realism, making every moment deeply immersive in stunning 4K QD-OLED.

  • XR Triluminos Max™ Technology: This advanced technology enhances colour accuracy and delivers an extensive palette of vibrant and realistic colours, even in bright scenes. It achieves this by utilizing a wider colour gamut and enhancing colour saturation, resulting in images that are more lifelike and visually stunning. Whether you're watching nature documentaries, action-packed movies, or colourful animations, XR Triluminos Max™ technology ensures that every detail is showcased with breathtaking clarity and vibrancy.

  • Pure Black Technology: Pure Black Technology ensures absolute brightness and supreme contrast by precisely controlling the OLED pixels' light output. Turning off individual pixels completely in dark scenes achieves deep blacks and enhances image clarity, providing a more immersive viewing experience. This technology also helps to minimize light bleed and halo effects, ensuring that darker areas of the picture remain true to life without any loss of detail.

  • Acoustic Surface Audio+™ Technology: Acoustic Surface Audio+™ technology turns the entire screen into a speaker, eliminating the need for traditional speaker grilles and delivering sound directly from the screen itself. Using actuators behind the panel to vibrate the screen, creates a more immersive audio experience that matches the action on the screen. This innovative approach to audio reproduction ensures that viewers feel like they're part of the scene, with sound emanating from precisely where it should be.

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