Sony Bravia 77 Inch A80L XR OLED 4K Google TV

Snaffle says…

Immerse yourself in a world of stunning visuals and captivating sound with the Sony A80L Series Google TV. This Pure Black OLED TV, powered by the revolutionary Cognitive Processor XR™, delivers an unrivalled viewing experience that is closer to real life than ever before. The Ultra Bright OLED screen combined with the powerful intelligence of the Cognitive Processor XR™ brings you pictures that are incredibly lifelike. Experience vibrant colours, deep blacks, and remarkable contrast, even in the brightest or darkest scenes. Every detail is rendered with precision, ensuring a visual feast for your eyes. The Cognitive Processor XR™ takes your audio experience to new heights as well, mimicking the human ear to pinpoint the exact location of sound and place it in the right spot on the screen, creating an immersive audio environment. You'll feel like you're right in the middle of the action, with sound coming from the precise direction it should.

Sony says…

The Cognitive Processor XR™ goes beyond traditional AI by cross-analyzing hundreds of thousands of elements at once, understanding where humans naturally focus in a picture and enhancing those areas to provide depth and realism. With XR OLED Contrast Pro, colours and contrast are boosted in bright areas, while the extended colour volume, powered by XR Triluminos Pro™, reproduces over a billion colours with exquisite detail. Thanks to XR 4K Upscaling, all your content is intelligently upscaled close to 4K quality, revealing lost textures and details. The Acoustic Surface Audio+™ technology turns the entire screen into a speaker, delivering powerful and immersive sound that moves with the picture, while XR Surround creates a true 3D audio experience, virtually filling the room with multidimensional sound. This Google TV also offers a seamless and intuitive user experience, with voice control powered by Google Assistant and a remote control designed for convenience and cleanliness. Whether you're gaming or streaming your favourite movies and shows, the Sony A80L Series Google TV is your gateway to a world of entertainment, offering stunning visuals, breathtaking sound, and a seamless user experience that will elevate your home entertainment to new heights.

The Best Bits

  • TVs with self-emitting lighting technology, such as OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode), utilize individual organic pixels that emit their own light. Unlike traditional LCD TVs, which require a backlight, self-emitting OLED TVs can control the brightness of each pixel independently, resulting in superior contrast, deeper blacks, and more accurate colours. This technology enhances picture quality by offering precise control over light output and eliminating the need for a separate backlight, leading to exceptional viewing experiences with vibrant visuals and enhanced clarity.

  • OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) is a screen technology used in modern TVs that consists of organic pixels that emit light when an electric current passes through them. OLED TVs produce their own light and can turn individual pixels on or off independently, resulting in perfect blacks, infinite contrast ratios, and vibrant colours. This technology enables OLED TVs to achieve superior picture quality with deeper blacks, wider viewing angles, and faster response times compared to traditional LCD displays, offering viewers an immersive and lifelike visual experience.

  • Local dimming is a feature found in LED-backlit LCD TVs that dynamically adjusts the brightness of different areas of the screen by dimming or turning off the backlight behind dark areas while keeping bright areas illuminated. This enhances contrast by allowing deeper blacks and brighter highlights within the same scene, resulting in improved picture quality with enhanced detail and more realistic images. Local dimming technology enhances the viewing experience by providing better image depth and reducing blooming or halo effects around bright objects, leading to sharper and more accurate visuals.

  • Cognitive Processor XR is a cutting-edge image processing technology developed by Sony that simulates the human brain's cognitive functions to analyze and optimize elements within the picture. Using advanced algorithms, the Cognitive Processor XR detects and understands the focal points in the scene, such as objects, colours, and textures, to deliver an immersive viewing experience with enhanced depth, detail, and realism. This innovative technology improves picture quality by adjusting contrast, colour, and brightness in real time, ensuring that every frame is optimized for maximum impact and visual appeal.

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