SILC King Single Amelia Bundle

Snaffle says…

Introduce contemporary elegance into your home with the Amelia Range, a comprehensive ensemble that seamlessly blends simplicity with functionality. The bundle includes the Amelia Bedside Table, a stylish statement piece adorned with a light oak textured finish. This bedside table features double-drawer storage, providing a practical solution for keeping bedside essentials organized. The Amelia Tallboy introduces a contemporary essence into your living space with its light oak textured finish and five spacious drawers, each adorned with elegant stainless steel handles. Completing the ensemble is the Amelia King Single Bed Frame, infusing your bedroom with a tranquil coastal charm. The bed frame features a warm light oak tone and a large rectangular bedhead, creating a focal point of relaxation.

SILC says…

Delve into the harmonious blend of style and practicality with the Amelia Range, a contemporary ensemble that transforms your living space into a haven of modern elegance. The bundle offers not just individual furniture pieces but a cohesive collection that complements and enhances each other. The Amelia Bedside Table, Tallboy, and King Single Bed Frame collectively create a seamless ambiance of warmth and sophistication. The bedside table's light oak textured finish and double-drawer storage set the tone for practicality and style. The tallboy, with its elegant stainless steel handles and easy-to-clean smooth top, adds versatility to the storage options. The Amelia King Single Bed Frame, with its coastal-inspired design and sturdy plywood slats, becomes the centrepiece of tranquillity in your bedroom. Together, the bundle becomes a statement of refined taste and practical living, where style meets functionality for a harmonious and functional home setting.

The Best Bits

  • DESIGN & AESTHETICS: Elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your bedroom with the practical and elegant design of our Amelia beds, tallboy, and bedside table. Crafted to provide those final finishing touches, these pieces seamlessly blend functionality with sophistication, adding a touch of refinement to your bedroom décor. The thoughtfully designed Amelia collection is the perfect choice for those seeking both style and practicality.

  • VERSATILITY & ORGANIZATION: Embrace optimal organization with the sleek design of our tallboy and bedside table. The tallboy, featuring four drawers, provides convenient storage for clothing, accessories, or personal belongings. The bedside table, in addition to its sleek appearance, features an extra shelf, offering a convenient storage solution for miscellaneous items. Keep your bedroom clutter-free and beautifully arranged, ensuring both style and functionality in your bedroom space.

  • STRUCTURAL SUPPORT: Experience the perfect marriage of sleek design and robust structure with our beds and tallboy. The sturdy frame, coupled with a quality slat system in the beds, ensures optimal support for a restful night's sleep. Embrace the durability and stability of our furniture's structure, providing you with the assurance of a long-lasting and reliable sleeping and storage solution.

  • COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT: Shop with confidence, knowing that our products are backed by reliable support. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our commitment extends beyond the point of purchase. While assembly is required for both the beds and tallboy, rest assured that our comprehensive support ensures a straightforward process, allowing you to set up your Amelia collection with ease. Choose our bedroom collection with confidence, knowing you have a dependable partner in enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of your bedroom.

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