SILC Elise Dining Chair

Snaffle says…

Elevate your dining experience with the affordable and comfortable Elise dining chair, a piece that makes a bold statement with its timeless black finish. This chair not only adds a touch of sophistication to any room but also provides lasting comfort that stands the test of time. The bold black finish contributes to a classic aesthetic, making the Elise dining chair a versatile choice that complements various interior styles.

*Delivery Restrictions: No delivery for WA/NT/TAS

SILC says…

Practicality meets style with the Elise dining chair, featuring an extremely easy-to-clean plastic surface that ensures maintenance is a breeze. The chair's durable metal legs add to its longevity, promising a lasting and reliable seating solution for your dining area. Embrace the fusion of affordability, comfort, and style with the Elise dining chair, where bold design meets practicality to make a lasting impression on your home

The Best Bits

  • DESIGN - Elevate your dining experience with our meticulously designed dining chair, featuring powder-coated legs and a PP seat that not only exudes modern elegance but also ensures easy cleaning. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of style and practicality as this chair effortlessly enhances your dining space. The thoughtful combination of materials not only adds a touch of sophistication but also simplifies the maintenance, allowing for a hassle-free and enjoyable dining experience.

  • SUPPORT - Shop with confidence, knowing that our products are backed by robust support. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our commitment extends beyond the point of purchase. While assembly is required, rest assured that our comprehensive support ensures a straightforward process, allowing you to set up your dining chairs with ease. Choose our chairs with confidence, knowing you have a reliable partner in enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of your dining area.

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