SILC Brando Ottoman

Snaffle says…

Enhance the versatility of your lounge with the Brando Ottoman, a multifunctional piece that adds both style and functionality to your space. Use it as a standard ottoman for added seating or as a footrest for relaxation. Flip the lid over, transforming it into a sleek and modern coffee table, perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying quiet moments with a cup of coffee.

*Delivery Restrictions: No delivery for WA/NT/TAS

*4-6 weeks wait time

SILC says…

For even more flexibility, pair the Brando Ottoman with the Brando 3 seater couch to create a luxurious 3 seater with chaise lounge configuration. This seamless integration allows you to customize your seating arrangement according to your needs, whether you're hosting gatherings or simply lounging in comfort. With its versatile design and practical features, the Brando Ottoman becomes a versatile and indispensable addition to your living room ensemble.

The Best Bits

  • **Ultimate Comfort: **Elevate your lounge experience with the versatile addition of our ottoman, providing various seating options and enhancing the comfort of your living space.

  • **Versatility: **Experience added functionality with our ottoman, featuring additional storage space and a reversible lid that transforms into a solid timber coffee table top. Slide it up to the couch to effortlessly create a chaise configuration, offering flexibility in your seating arrangement.
  • Optimal Size: Enjoy the perfect balance of functionality and space efficiency with our ottoman, designed to complement your lounge configuration without overwhelming the room, providing a versatile and stylish addition to your living area.

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