Weber Spirit 2 Full Length Cover

Snaffle says…

Shield your Weber Spirit II Series BBQ from the elements with the durable and weather-resistant Weber Spirit Two Full-Length Cover. Crafted to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions, this cover ensures that your barbecue remains protected year-round, extending its lifespan and preserving its pristine condition. Equipped with velcro fastening straps, the Full-Length Cover provides a secure fit, even on windier days, ensuring that your barbecue stays shielded from rain, snow, dust, and other environmental elements.

Weber says…

Designed for convenience and peace of mind, the Weber Spirit Two Full-Length Cover offers hassle-free protection for your barbecue. With its sturdy construction and reliable fastening straps, you can trust that your grill is safeguarded against the elements, allowing you to enjoy worry-free outdoor cooking adventures for years to come. Whether it's sunny days or stormy weather, rest assured that your Weber Spirit II Series BBQ is well-protected under the reliable shelter of the Full-Length Cover.

The Best Bits

  • Experience long-lasting vibrancy with our cover's UV inhibitors. Crafted with advanced technology, the fabric resists fading, ensuring that your barbecue remains as vibrant as the day you bought it. Say goodbye to dull, weathered appearances—our UV inhibitors preserve the colour and aesthetics of your barbecue, keeping it looking like new for years to come.

  • Protect your barbecue from the elements with our breathable, weather-resistant fabric. Engineered to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, our cover acts as a shield against rain, snow, wind, and more, ensuring that your barbecue remains pristine and functional. With its breathable design, moisture is repelled while still allowing airflow, preventing mould and mildew buildup and extending the life of your grill.

  • Enjoy peace of mind with our cover's fastening straps. Designed for convenience and reliability, these straps keep the cover securely in place, even during strong winds or inclement weather. No more worries about your cover blowing away or slipping off—our fastening straps ensure a snug and secure fit, providing added protection for your barbecue and peace of mind for you.

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