Electrolux Ease C3 Origin Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Snaffle says…

The Electrolux Ease C3 Origin bagless vacuum cleaner effortlessly delivers an exceptional cleaning performance. The exhaust features an efficient HEPA 12 washable filter, ensuring you breathe easy. Finished in ice white, this effective, manoeuvrable vacuum cleaner will take the effort out of your chores.

Electrolux says…

Dual cyclone technology, together with the 4-step filtration system, effectively separates different-sized particles for a better cleaning performance and consistent suction. You’ll be able to give your home an entire up and down in one go thanks to the spacious 1.8L capacity dust bin. The large rotary wheels of the unit provide greater stability and prevent the vacuum cleaner from getting stuck, for a smoother cleaning experience. When it comes time to emptying the dust bin, the single-button release allows for quick and clean disposal.

The Best Bits

  • Electrolux Ease C3 Origin Bagless Vacuum Cleaner EC31-2IW.

  • Dual cyclone technology: which results in better performance, less clogging, and less maintenance of filters.
  • 4-step filtration: Our bagless vacuum cleaners 4-step system effectively separates dust & dirt for a deeper clean.
  • Easy emptying: Single button release to carefully dispose of your dust in an effortless way.
  • Clean more in one go: Vacuum longer without having to empty the dust bin as often thanks to the large 1.8L capacity bin.
  • Large wheels for better stability: Large rotary wheels prevent the vacuum cleaner from getting obstructed.

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