Bosch Series 2 60cm Freestanding Silver Dishwasher

Snaffle says…

Discover the convenience and reliability of the Bosch Series 2 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher. With its AquaStop system, you can enjoy worry-free operation for a lifetime, while the Child lock feature adds an extra layer of safety for families with young children. Experience silent operation and energy efficiency with the EcoSilence Drive, complemented by a sleek Anti-Fingerprint finish that keeps your kitchen looking pristine. With 13 place settings and versatile wash programs like Pots & Pans, Auto Wash, Eco Wash, and Express Wash, this dishwasher effortlessly handles any load, making dishwashing a breeze.

Bosch says…

Advanced features such as DosageAssist, AquaSensor technology, and AutoBrilliance ensure superior cleaning performance with every cycle. DosageAssist ensures optimal cleaning results by fully dissolving detergent tablets, while AquaSensor technology adjusts water usage based on soil levels, saving water and energy. Plus, the AutoBrilliance feature adjusts water temperature and rinse time for perfect cleaning and drying results. Choose peace of mind and unmatched cleaning performance for your kitchen with the Bosch Series 2 dishwasher.

The Best Bits

  • ActiveWater: Revolutionising dishwashing, ActiveWater optimizes water usage to generate powerful cleaning with as little as 12.3 litres per wash, ensuring every drop counts for efficient cleaning.

  • Child lock: Ensure safety with the manual door lock feature that prevents unintended opening, keeping children safe and buttons secure during operation.

  • Anti Fingerprint: Keep your dishwasher looking pristine with Bosch's Anti-Fingerprint solution, significantly reducing the visibility of fingerprints for a clean and sleek appearance.

  • DosageAssist: Experience superior wash results with DosageAssist, which maximizes the effectiveness of detergent tablets by dropping them into a specially engineered tray targeted by water jets.

  • AquaStop: Enjoy peace of mind with Bosch's AquaStop, providing protection against water damage throughout the appliance's lifetime.

  • EcoSilence Drive: Experience quiet and energy-efficient operation with the EcoSilence Drive, powered by a brushless motor for optimal performance without the noise.

  • Wash Programs: Choose from versatile wash programs including Pots and Pans, Auto Wash, Eco Wash, and Express Wash, catering to different cleaning needs and ensuring thorough results every time.

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