Haier 9kg Heat Pump Dryer with Steam Refresh

Snaffle says…

This feature-packed Haier 9kg heat pump dryer uses highly energy-efficient drying technology to achieve ready-to-wear clothes in no time

14 specialised dry cycles have been tailored to deliver optimal results depending on your type of fabric. To achieve a dry load sooner, Hybrid Boost technology allows you to choose to save time by drying at a hotter temperature, or alternatively, to save energy with a longer dry time. You could also opt for the sanitise option, which ensures dust mites are removed and kills more than 99.99% of bacteria for a healthier home environment.

Haier says…

This clever unit is Wi-Fi enabled, letting you to remotely connect and communicate with it at all times, while allowing future compatibility for smart home appliances.

The Best Bits

  • The short Refresh cycle uses ultrasonic technology that releases steam into the drum – great to refresh clothes that have been folded or stored.

  • The high temperature Sanitise dry option ensures dust mites are removed and kills more than 99.99% of bacteria*, for clean, healthy clothes and fabrics.
  • You have the option of drying at a hotter temperature to save time and get your clothes dry sooner, or if time is not of the essence, you can opt for a longer dry time in order to achieve greater energy savings.
  • A unique air circulation system and advanced reverse tumbling significantly reduces tangling of clothes and sheets on all dry cycles except Rack Dry. Meanwhile, a pillow drum cushions laundry and helps care for clothes better.

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