Haier 168L Vertical Manual Defrost Freezer

Snaffle says…

A vertical freezer is a great way to have a dedicated freezer space separate from your main refrigerator and have all your frozen items easily accessible and well-organised. The storage drawers make it easy to find what you need so you are not rummaging through your freezer. The reversible door gives you flexibility when installing, or if you are relocating your freezer. Plus, the clean, white finish will look good in any home decor.

Haier says…

This Haier 168L Vertical Freezer is a great option for large families, busy households who regularly entertain, and for those who like to bulk-buy groceries or prepare their weekly meals ahead. You can also pair this freezer with a compatible Haier vertical fridge for a complete cool storage solution. It’s easy to keep your favourite frozen meals, meats, produce, and ice-cream preserved with this reliable freezer.

The Best Bits

  • The freezer drawers have transparent fronts to give you maximum visibility of your items. These separate compartments help you to organise the contents of your freezer for easy access.

  • With a reversible door, you have the flexibility to adjust the door hinge to better fit in with your space.
  • Subtle and streamlined, this freezer is designed with a recessed door handle to blend seamlessly into any space.

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