Haier 60cm Black Glass MultiFunction Oven

Snaffle says…

The Haier 60cm Seven Function Oven is a sleek addition to modern kitchens, blending seamlessly with its monochromatic black glass exterior and linear square handle. Its efficient convection heating and generous multi-shelf cooking area cater to versatile culinary needs, promising delightful cooking experiences for all.

Haier says…

With seven specialized functions like Pizza and Pastry Plus, this oven empowers users to achieve culinary perfection, from flawlessly cooked bases to perfectly golden crusts. Thoughtful design elements such as telescopic shelf runners and a double-glazed glass door ensure convenience and safety, making cooking a breeze for all skill levels.

The Best Bits

  • Manual dial controls: Easily adjust the timer, temperature, and oven function using three convenient dials placed at the front of the oven.

  • Double-glazed oven door: Keeps heat inside the oven effectively, saving energy and ensuring consistent cooking results for delicious meals.

  • Telescopic rollers: Allow you to smoothly pull out oven racks for safe and easy access, making it simple to check on your dishes or remove them without any hassle.

  • Plug and play: No need for an electrician; simply plug in the oven with its 10AMP plug for quick and easy setup.

  • Easy cleaning: The oven door can be removed effortlessly, giving you full access to the interior for simple cleaning and maintenance.

  • Versatile oven functions: Choose from a range of cooking options including bake, defrost, fan forced, grill, Master Bake "Top Element," Pastry Plus, and Pizza Plus, providing flexibility for various cooking needs.

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