Kenwood XL Titanium Chef Baker Benchtop Mixer Black

Snaffle says…

Titanium Chef Baker Benchtop Mixer from Kenwood makes baking a pleasure. Thanks to the thoughtful design, the baking process is smooth and uninterrupted as you weigh your ingredients directly into the bowl - the EasyWeigh scales also save time and reduce mess in the kitchen.

Kenwood says…

A handy kitchen companion, the Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL Mixer comes with a 2-piece style splash guard with a large pour chute that helps prevent unnecessary messes. Moreover, its Light Lift head makes ease of adding ingredients into your mix. Featuring a nesting Duobowl - never limit your creativity with different size bowls to suit your needs.

The Best Bits

  • The Kenwood Chef XL Mixer comes with 4 tools to help ease up your culinary endeavours.

  • Use the whisk for blending smooth ingredients; the dough tool for kneading dough; the K beater for reaching all areas of the bowl; and the creaming beater for evenly mixing soft ingredients.

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