Haier 6kg Top Load Washing Machine

Snaffle says…

For simple and effective fabric care, this Haier 6Kg Top Load Washing Machine has an easy-to-load design and a gentle wash action, helping your clothes last longer.

Haier says…

It has eight wash cycles including Delicate, Eco and Express. The gentle pulsating wash action uses less water than conventional agitator machines, and a new pillow drum design reduces tangling and abrasion, helping your clothes last longer.

The Best Bits

  • This innovative machine has a new pillow drum design that reduces tangling and abrasion, which is gentler on fabrics, helping your clothes last longer.

  • There are eight specialised wash cycles to suit every fabric, including Delicate for a gentle wash, Heavy for larger items, and Eco to save water.
  • Experience uninterrupted, faster washing thanks to the advanced auto-balancing technology that automatically corrects unbalanced wash loads.
  • The durable toughened-glass lid is built to handle frequent opening and closing, with a soft-close mechanism for safer use.

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