Westinghouse 9kg EasyCare Front Load Washing Machine Black

Snaffle says…

The Westinghouse EasyCare 9kg Front Load Washing Machine is the embodiment of efficiency and convenience. Streamline your routine with the 'Save Favourite' wash program, offering instant access to your most-used cycle. Time Adjust and Delay End functions allow you to align washing with your schedule seamlessly.

Westinghouse says…

The inverter motor ensures quiet operation while saving energy. With the expansive 3XL Door, bulky items pose no challenge. Meanwhile, PreMix technology dissolves detergents thoroughly, maintaining fabric quality.

The Best Bits

  • This machine utilises the power of water vapour to all but eliminate common harmful household bacteria and germs. Ensuring your laundry not only looks clean but is sanitised and safe for your family.

  • With the delicate wash function, your silks, woollens and other fragile garments will be safe and come out clean time after time. Enjoy the peace of mind of not having to wash tender garments by hand.
  • There’s a way that people prefer to do things. The Save Favourite Wash program allows you to quickly find your preferred settings with a simple click of a button.
  • Thanks to the use of PreMix technology, powdered detergent is properly dissolved before it gets a chance to ruin that clean look that you’re looking to get out of your laundry.

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