Ryze Tello Drone Boost Combo (White)

Snaffle says…

No matter where you find yourself—be it at the park, in the office, or lounging at home—immerse yourself in thrilling aerial adventures with Tello. Featuring dual antennas for enhanced video transmission stability and a high-capacity battery for extended flight times, Tello ensures you experience the world from exhilarating new perspectives with unparalleled ease.

Ryze says…

Unleash your creativity with Tello's array of cutting-edge features. Powered by a DJI flight controller, Tello empowers you to execute breath-taking aerial manoeuvres with effortless precision, all at the touch of a screen. From the exhilarating Throw & Go mode, which launches Tello into the air with a simple toss, to the mesmerizing 8D Flips and the convenient Bounce Mode, Tello offers an exhilarating flight experience like no other. Capture stunning photos and videos effortlessly, thanks to Tello's high-quality image processor, and elevate your content with EZ Shots for professional-grade results that are sure to impress. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned flyer, Tello caters to all skill levels, boasting programmable capabilities with Scratch for interactive learning experiences and access to the Tello SDK for advanced software development. Unleash your imagination, create customized accessories, and unlock endless possibilities with Tello—the ultimate companion for exploration and creativity.

The Best Bits

  • EZ Shots: Capture coordinated short videos effortlessly with Circle, 360, and Up & Away modes.

  • Electronic Image Stabilization: Enjoy smooth and stable aerial footage with advanced stabilization technology.

  • Intel Processor: Benefit from professional-grade processing power for high-quality video recording.

  • 5MP Photos: Preserve precious moments with crisp and clear high-resolution photos.

  • Auto Takeoff/Landing: Take off or land with ease using a single tap for added convenience.

  • Failsafe Protection: Ensure safe landings even in the event of a lost connection for peace of mind during flights.

  • Low Battery Protection: Receive timely alerts when the battery is running low to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

  • 3 Batteries + Charging Hub: Extend your flight time with three included batteries and a convenient charging hub, providing a total of 39 minutes of flight time in the Boost Combo.

  • Vision Positioning System: Experience precise hovering capabilities thanks to intelligent vision positioning technology.

  • VR Headset Compatibility: Immerse yourself in breathtaking first-person views with compatibility for VR headsets.

  • DJI Flight Tech: Rely on industry-leading components and technology for stable and reliable flights.

  • Tello App: Easily navigate and control your drone with the user-friendly interface of the Tello app, perfect for beginners.

  • Controller Compatibility: Enjoy precise control and unforgettable flying experiences with compatible controllers.

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