WalkSlim 540 Walking Treadmill

Snaffle says…

Creating products that combine fitness with convenience, AdobeFit Health recognise that making time for exercise isn’t always easy. Accommodating a busy, modern lifestyle, the WalkSlim 540 Walking Treadmill/Running Machine makes exercise more accessible for those in sedentary jobs or with highly demanding schedules.

WalkSlim says…

Reaching a speed of up to 12km per hour, this treadmill is suitable for walking enthusiasts and runners alike. Ease your way back into fitness, by navigating the varying speed levels to increase speed and endurance over time. Designed to be versatile, the handrail simply folds up to be used under the desk, or transported to your desired location.

Challenge yourself, feel your best, and stress less about making time for exercise with AdobeFit Health’s 2-in-1 WalkSlim 540 Walking Treadmill and Running Machine.

The Best Bits

  • Listen to your favourite audio whilst walking or running, by putting it in the conveniently placed phone holder.

  • Enjoy the flexibility of being able to work out at whatever hour without disturbing the rest of your household thanks to the ultra-quiet operation of this treadmill.
  • Spread out in the spacious running area of 101cm x 40cm on the seven layer running belt which maximises safety and prevents falls.
  • Connect with friends, or engage in entertainment via your smart device as this treadmill is Bluetooth compatible.
  • Max User Weight: 100kg
  • Walking belt area: 400mm x 1100mm
  • Speed: 1.0 – 12 km
  • Remote control LED
  • Panel 2 wheels for easy portability

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