Casio G-Shock Analogue-Digital Watch - Teal

Snaffle says…

Explore resilience with G-SHOCK's latest collection—a tribute to the watch that redefined personal timekeeping with unmatched toughness. These watches are not just timepieces; they're your unwavering companions in rugged pursuits. Engineered for challenge-seekers, they feature four sturdy bezel screws and a distinctive six-section design, seamlessly blending toughness with high fashion.

Casio says…

Discover style and comfort with the GMA-S2100—a sleek analogue-digital watch featuring modern green accents. Its flat face and bar index marks create a streamlined design, while on-trend green details like the logo and LCD make it a perfect street fashion accessory. Elevate your look effortlessly with this compact timepiece that seamlessly blends style and comfort.

The Best Bits

  • Water Resistance: Impressive 200m water resistance.

  • World Time: Covers 31 time zones, 48 cities + coordinated universal time, with daylight saving options.

  • Timer: Countdown timer (1s to 24h) with flexible start time settings.

  • Light: Double LED light system for face and digital display with Super illuminator and selectable illumination duration.

  • Calendar: Full auto-calendar up to year 2099.

  • Stopwatch: 1/100s stopwatch with versatile measuring capacity and modes.

  • Alarm/Hourly Time Signal: 5 daily alarms and Hourly Time Signal for effective time management.

  • Mute Feature: Button operation tone on/off for a customizable user experience.

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